| B E A U T Y |, | F A S H I O N |, | M O D E L S |

| M O R E | W O M E N |

#ELLEWOMEN   I am proud to say that I have officially joined ELLE’s #MoreWomen Feminism Campaign that started running a few days back! Although I am feminist, I do believe there are certain things that should be separated between men and women. Because altough we should have the right to equal opportunities, we are still DIFFERENT […]

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| M O D E L S |

| M U G A |

| E A T | M U G A | M U G A  is a Japanese Ramen Restaurant on Panton Street, SW1Y, recently opening, and also one of JPR Media Group’s New Clients. All of the food is freshly prepared in an open plan kitchen in front of you as you eat, and it also accommodates a […]

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