| S H O P | Y U L L |

Yull Shoes, set up by designer Sarah Watkinson-Yull in 2011, is now a fast-booming business that has caught the attention of many – including mine – with its distinct use of Leather Gel; an improved water resistant.

| T H E | N E W | A R R I V A L S |:


Here I am wearing the B O R O U G H | B L A C K | & | G O L D

with T W E N T I E S | S T A Y | U P hosiery from W O L F O R D S.

Y U L L | I T !
Y U L L | I T

| S H O P | N O W |

Named after and inspired by the area in London around London bridge. Borough is home to the wonderful Borough market. The area is a mix of traditional London warehousing and factories but also many modern buildings such as the Shard. These heels are perfect for walking on the old cobbled streets due to their lower and chunkier heel, however still perfect for wearing out for a cocktail or two. 

  • The perfect party shoes!
  • Uppers: Black and Gold Calf’s leather
  • Sole: Black resin
  • Heel height: 3 inches

All in all, they are the perfect pair when it comes to relaxing those feet after a long day of castings, but to still add that extra-height and feel comfortable whilst out and about.

Find all product links for purchase on the text!

| F O L L O W | Y U L L |

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| I S | T H I S | B E A U T I F U L ? |

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Eni Maj

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